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Insights from Classics: Shang Han Lun

Speaker: Prof Li Sai Mei & Prof Fang Jian Feng

Using the verses of Shang Han Lun, Prof Li Sai Mei and Prof Fang Jian Feng from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine gives a comprehensive elaboration the classic. 

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The "Shang Han Lun," also known as the "Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders" or the "Treatise on Cold Injury," is a Chinese medical treatise describing the treatment of the common cold, its variants and related complications. It was written by Zhang Zhongjing at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty between 200 and 205. The classic comprises of basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as its theories, treatment methods, prescriptions and medicines. It organizes all the diseases into the six divisions called "six channels," based on the ways treatment can be applied accordingly.  "Shang Han Lun" is the oldest clinical textbook in the world, and one of the four canonical works that the TCM-majored students must study.

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Shang Han Lun(1):Taiyang Diseases I
Shang Han Lun(2):Taiyang Diseases II
Shang Han Lun(3):Taiyang Diseases III
Shang Han Lun(4):Yangming, Shaoyang Diseases I
Shang Han Lun(5):Yangming, Shaoyang Diseases II
Shang Han Lun(6):Taiyin, Shaoyin Diesases
Shang Han Lun(7):Jueyin Diseases

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  • Class Start: May 11, 2020
  • Course Duration: 14 hours
  • Total Credits: 14