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临床经验分享会 :络病学

After attending various courses and lessons, we are handed much insights and knowledge. But how do we turn these knowledge into tools to aid us in our clinical cases? Therefore, Nanyang Zhongjing TCM Institution is organising a clinical experience sharing session to provide a platform for physicians to interact. Not only will we be able to discuss our clinical cases with fellow physicians, a senior physician will be invited to host every session. This way, by discussing and analysing each other's clinical cases, our learning can be facilitated, shortening the path to sharpening our medical skills. 

Course Details

Dr Cheng Sim Kim will be hosting the first zoom clinical experience sharing session of 2020!

Title: Collateral Diseases

经络学说是中医的基础理论之一,其内容以经为主,述及络的部分比较少。虽然自内经时代便有记载关于络脉的生理,病理,诊法和治法的论述,真正的广泛的应用其机理于临床的医家属于少数。汉代的张仲景和清代的叶天士便是其中的姣姣者。 现代中国的吴以岭院士,王永炎院士和邱幸凡教授等整理扩充了络病学的理论架构和体系,系统的研究了络脉的生理功能,络病的发病,病机,辨证和治疗方法。他们发现络病是普遍存在在于多种疑难杂病和外感重症中的病机状态。这一学科创立为疑难杂症和外感重症的治疗开拓了新的认识角度,并提供了一套完整的诊疗系统。 本课程将全面介绍络病学的理论,临床应用的方法,方药和适用领域。

A big shoutout to everyone who had joined us earlier today for the successful ZOOM session! We had a total of 414 participants! The lesson will be uploaded onto our website for everyone to revise and watch. Stay tuned! 

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  • Class Start: April 29, 2020
  • Course Duration: 2 hours
  • Total Credits: 1
  • Student Capacity: 500
  • Class Time: 2pm - 4pm