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🥳 SUCCESSFUL conclusion of Zoom / FB Live session on sharing by Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine, First Affiliated Hospital on how TCM helped in the curb of COVID-19 🥳

🙏🏻 A big thank you to all our esteemed speakers and all Zoom / FB Live participants! We had a total of 596 participants from both platforms! Zhongjing TCM Institution hope that the session is of beneficial to all!

📖 For Zoom participants, Zhongjing TCM Institution will submit for your CPE points. As for FB Live participants, please submit your reflection to TCMPB under catergory 3A within a month to earn your 1 CPE point. The URL to indicate in the submission will be:

🥰 Thank you once again for your support! Stay safe, stay healthy and let us fight COVID-19 together!

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  • Class Start: May 17, 2020
  • Course Duration: 3 hours
  • Total Credits: 1
  • Class Time: 7-10pm