Prof Liu Lan Lin

Professor Liu graduated with a PhD. from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine(南京中医药大学). She is currently a professor in Anhui University of Chinese Medicine (安徽中医药大学) , a member of the board of Anhui Association of China Medicine (安徽省中医药学会), and a standing committee of Branch of Infection DiseasesChina Association of Chinese Medicine (中华中医药学会感染病分会).Prof Liu is on the editorial board of “Clinical Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine”《中医药临床杂志》and  “Journal of Anhui University of Chinese Medicine”《安徽中医药大学学报》.She practices in The First affiliated hospital of Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, Xin An TCM Clinic (安徽中医药大学第一附属医院新安中医馆), Anhui University of Chinese Medicine Guoyitang Out-patient Department (安徽中医药大学国医堂专家门诊), and is a consultant at Shanxi Lei Rheumatism Hospital. (山西侯丽萍风湿骨病医院).


Prof Liu has published over 50 academic papers, and has been on editorial board for over 20 academic books and textbooks for bachelor and master’s students. She was awarded 6 research projects by the government and is well recognized in TCM in china, especially in the field of Systematized Identification of Warm Diseases (温病学).